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  • This part is very important when it comes to PUBG mobile gaming,  using your fingers in a well precise way can help your gaming skills to improve drastically.
  • Your button layout must be set up in a way such that the clicking time is fast as in nanoseconds fast. That's for making sure that you play as fast, accurate and professionally even if it is for streaming  


  • Your device plays a crucial role while you are gaming. A smartphone of a high-end category can help you play more smoothly and competitively.
  • Not all have a smartphone of that kind, it's not really an issue to be worried about you can always optimize your device and change a few in-game setting that is your graphic settings


    1. step 1: Open your game and press the settings symboled option
    2. step 2: Go to "graphics" option in setting 
    3. step 3: now you'll be seeing the Frame rate option when you enter the graphics option where you have to enable the highest among them, there will be low, medium and high extensively in all devices for those who already have a high-end device you'll be seeing an additional of 2 options ultra and extreme
    4. you have to choose the highest option among low, medium, high, ultra and extreme 

          GFX TOOL

          • This is an optimizing app that actually optimizes your game for better performance you can get this app in play store except for apple users who won't need this app.

          Finally, after all of this, you will need some important accessories for the best gaming experience that is  good headphones, the game allows us to see enemy footsteps in the map but still, the game does follow some laws od physics as well as it is programmed in that manner so using some good headphones can help hear people walking and get to them killed them right away

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