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Make A Friend Feel Proud Of You

make your friend feel proud

Andrea Scam

Have you ever tried to make your friend feel proud of you? 

     You could have done so in many ways.
    Ok, let us begin. You could HAVE THOUGHT that it is somewhere beyond the topics tagged. This post is actually about explaining my personal experience in making my friend proud of me. I actually made an app for him on

    Sketchware (one of the best to create apps which doesn't any coding knowledge) 

    I also made it as a troll which made him feel bad. I actually made the app quite silly and with some worst ideas(please forgive me). I forgot to tell his name. The guy who is trolled in the app is Aathish. I don't any personal vengeance on him but after seeing a movie Nerkonda Paarvai.

    The movie had a character named Andrea. My friend Aathish would look and speak similar to how she would be in the movie. I finally got a plot to troll, my friend 😃😆😈.

    The app has a simple UI with a background image. This does nothing but made us laugh. This app though was made by me was further developed by another friend (not Aathish). He then released the version 2.0 of the app I made with more features and more trolling.

    This app was completely made with the help of sketchware ide.

    This became the best ever troll made in my school. We forwarded the app* to every person in the school. This made Aathish very popular.

    Un-believable Happening!

    After creating the app we (I and my friend) thought of taking it to the next level of trolling. We began creating a website by getting a free domain and free hosting. This became one of the first trolling site made in our school. We brought the domain of it now) from freenom and hosted it. We designed the website very carefully such that users will be able to download the app. Don't worry now also the site is online. You could browse this anytime by clicking the button down.

    Andrea Aathish

    This is one of the best sites. This appears on google and Aathish name is totally spoiled in the web. We don't know why should we do but it was the best fun.

    This is intentionally made.

    My experience

    I had good hands-on skill while preparing the app. One of the worst app I have prepared due to my friend. The best part of it is Aathish himself help me build the website. I am the webmaster of the website so I did post content as I wanted. I got a good experience and I decided that i

    Download app

    Andrea Scam V1.0(expired link)

    Andrea Scam V2.0 (expired link)

    Hope you enjoyed this post. You could also do so with your friends. Ask me any help if you need.
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    Aathish sivasubramanian

     *Removed his photo to prevent scam


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