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Python - Hello world

Python program to “Print Hello world”↓

Python is a very beginner-friendly programming language and has many features. If want to download Python click here. It's a cross-platform and open-source language.

After installing Python and opening a new Python shell (As it is called so). It's Named as Python IDLE window.  This is a shell window.
Python Shell
Python Shell

Just type the following command below to print 'Hello World'.
print(“Hello world ”)

For printing strings, you can use ‘,”,’’’. All three are valid in python.

This will print, Hello world in the screen. This represents that print() displays the one in it.

This is the very first thing one can do in python. I took did it at first. Then we would learn about many other things.

Print statement explanation

Print statement or print() function is a default function in Python which just displays the statement inside of quotes.

See You Later.

There are many tutorials in the internet for learning python. Please refer to it. I would just some of special programs from it.